Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Conversation Between A Dying Father (October) And His Son (November)

Oct: My son I'm tired.
Nov: Why?
Oct: My time is up, I will be going to join your forefathers.
Nov: I know, your time is over... I will miss you Dad.
Oct: Let me tell you some things before I go.
Nov: What is it Dad?
Oct: Please when I go, make sure you take care of this person.
Nov: Who?
Oct: The person READING this conversation of ours.
Nov: Okay.
Oct: I made some promises to this person during my reign, I fulfilled some, and some I couldn’t.
Nov: But why couldn’t you fulfill all dad?
Oct: Well, my son time and human factors affected some of the promises....
Nov: But...
Oct: But surely, I spoke with God on this person's behalf, and God granted my wish that you may fulfill the rest promises that I couldn't. So these are the rest of the fulfillment you will carry out on this person.
Nov: Go on dad.
Oct: Stabilize this person's health all through your reign there shall be no sickness! Open a direct link between God and this person.
Nov: Done, carry on Dad.
Oct: Ensure that this person's dreams come to reality within the shortest period of time.
Nov: Alright.
Oct: Give this person wealth that will touch lives of multitudes.
Nov: Surely.
Oct: Make sure that you remove all remaining hindrances to success from this person's way and make the year a huge success.
Nov: I will dad, no problem!
Oct: Pay more emphasis on the advice of this person's friends, dont worry about that of this person's enemies, God will take care of that! Get it?
Nov: Yes
Oct: Finally, promise me that when your own time is up, you will instruct this to your offspring after offspring (DEC & The others) to keep positive fulfilments of this person going!
Nov: Yes dad, may God help me!
Oct: Now I can pass to the beyond happily! May you be prosperous!!!
Nov: Amen.

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