Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I woke up this morning, thinking about my journey of life so far, examine and analyzing on how to improve myself and I stumble on something important. First of all, I want to thank my both Parents (of blessed memories) for been a good and God fearing parents. God bless you Dad & Mum!

Something I took for granted for so long, came down on me today. I asked myself a question, what if my parent terminated me in pregnancy before they had me, under the disguise of "too early", "people will talk", "unwanted pregnancy", "the pregnancy will affect our planning"!

It is not funny at all, I was borned the subsequent year my big Sister was born!, i.e. while my sister was born 2012, I was born 2013! The implication was that my Sister was just few months, when my Mummy conceived me, yet both of them agreed to "keep me"! How good a Parent can be than this? Here I am today, a full grown man with beautiful family!

How I wish my both Parents are alive today! Anyway, the little period we shared together, they never regretted the single decision of keeping me. I will keep praying for them and carry on their good names till we meet again.

Meanwhile, let all abortion mongers know that, the child they are planning to abort today, might be the Moses Nigeria is waiting for tomorrow! Children should be sources of joy. The joy of seen one's child growing in your present can't be quantify. Ask a good Parent!

Why will your man ask you to abort that child? If he loves you, he will want to see your child! If he denied it today, keep it and move on, he will come back crawling to see his child tomorrow.

Don't kill yourself while trying to abort your pregnancy. Don't kill yourself to please a man. Don't damage your womb all in the name of 'love'. I want to believe that there is no unwanted pregnancy, rather what we have is unwanted lovers! If he loves you, he should marry you. If you have been killed by your own parents, will you be alive today?

For those that have engaged in the act in the past and sincerely regretted it, vouch never to go back to it, no matter the condition, I have a good news for you, our God is the Ultimate Forgiver of sins!. Sit down today, cast your mind back to your sins in silent, regret it, promise never to go back to the sin & keep your promise, God will forgive you.

...This evil act call abortion has to stop!

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  1. If only many that are involve in this evil act called 'Abortion' can read this, may be they can change their way.