Monday, July 22, 2013

I remember!

I remember how difficult it was for a man to "toast/approach" a Lady. You needed a lot of rehearsals as a man then before you meet a lady, but not any more!.

I remember in those days how difficult it was for a lady to say "yes" to a man, but nowadays, you meet a person on facebook or twitter, the next thing relationship commence! Someone you have never met before?...Unbelievable!!!.

I remember how difficult it was to even hug your lady after she agreed to your love approach, the best thing you can get for at least your first few months together then was an hand shake.

I remember how long it takes to even gets to kiss her then. Her virtues, dignity and respect was paramount to her then, don't accuse her of not been "romantic" as today's Ladies !. She believed her body was the 'Temple of God'. And she will never walked semi-nicked on the street or post a provocative pictures on facebook/twitter just to gain some few "likes".

I remember how difficult it was to even invited a Lady into your house, even if she entered your house, you are not even sure she will enter your room.

I remember how difficult it was to talk a lady into sex.

I remember when HIV/AIDS wasn't as rampant as what we live to see everyday now. We cause this to ourselves majorly, because of our immoral behaviours!

I remember how Virginity was the order of the day then.

I remember how easy it was then to point out many virgin girls and even boys in our environments!

I remember how many people decided to keep their virginity till they meet their "Mr. Right". But Now, Ladies and guys don't take pride in declaring their virginity status anymore, a thing of pride before now has turns into a thing of shame now. What an irony!. They believe that if you are the only virgin among your Peers, then you are not in vogue!

I remember how I read recently with horror of disbelief, how a Lady "disvirgined" herself so as to save herself from the shame of been met a Virgin by her man or for reasons best known to her. What an Irony!

Gone are the days when been a virgin meant everything to a man.

Gone are the days when you have to tell your man your love life history and probably how you lost your Virginity.

This time around no body cares any more, no one give a damn!

What can we say gone wrong with our generation?

What exactly changed in our values and virtues?

Can we rightly say it is as a result of lost of values, culture, faith and identity? Or lack of fear of God? Or Civilization?

Imagine with rate of "promiscuousity" that is going around now in the world, I wonder what will happen to humanity in 20-30 yrs time!

The trending thing now is "gay right", "gay marriage".

Have we ever see a Cock having sex with a Cock? Or a Ram having sex with a Ram?

...If no, then the thinking faculty of some animals are higher than some human!

Let's imbibe those good virtues we inherited from our Parents to our own Kids.
It is not too late to heal the World!

...I think I should stop here before am accused of been an "old school", "uncivilized", "mi o ja si", "mi o rita".

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