Thursday, September 10, 2015

Prioritize correctly!

Don't make the mistake of living without prioritizing first. Know what matters the most. Here are some key points to remember:

> Creator over creation.
> Family over career.
> Time over money.
> Love over Lust.
> Respect over Disrespect.
> Love over hate.
> Justice over Injustice.
> Productivity over Laziness.
> Success over Fame.
> Hereafter over this world.
> Good deeds over bad deeds.
> Righteousness over sins.
> Contentment over complaints.
> Truth over falsehood.
> Happiness over sadness.
> Honesty over corruption.
> Peace over fighting.
> Guidance over deception.
> Spirituality over materialistic things.
> Good deeds and actions now over tomorrow.
> Greatness over Average.
> Prayers and worship of God over any wasteful activity.
> Helping others over doing nothing.
> Truth over lie.
> Passion over money.
> Humility over arrogance.
> Thankfulness over boasting.
> Appreciation over complaints.
> Seeking knowledge over useless entertainment.

True success belongs to those who strive diligently and intelligently!

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